Lobster Hug

lob•ster hug

-noun 1. A variation of the bear hug: a) a stiff embrace performed by New Englanders whose inbred Puritanism makes physical affection awkward. b) a clingy, pincer like hug involving one or both legs that smacks of desperation.
-verb 2. To crush the things I love into a liquid the consistency of unicorn's blood so that I can absorb their essence.

Things that I lobster hug: books, movies, tv, food, knitting, Zelda, feminists, pro-choicers, progressives.


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Buttermilk Roast Chicken from Smitten Kitchen

This chicken was so freaking good it’s practically perfect. Only a couple small changes that aren’t that earth shattering. Since I had to dig around in the brine to get the chicken out, I also scooped up the crushed garlic and sprinkled that on top. I cooked this at the same time as the below dish so I went with the lower cooking temp: 350 for 45 minutes, then turned up the stove to 425 for 15 more minutes. I didn’t get the level of browning the she says too, but the chicken was super moist and tasty.

Spinach Quiche-Casserole from The Hairpin

My mom used to make this all the time and it’s amazing. To quote Katie, this is some Pioneer Woman realness. The only thing I do differently is shred the cheddar and reserve a third of it to sprinkle on top. It looks a lot prettier that way. I’m sure there are ways to change this recipe to make it “healthier” if you don’t mind it tasting like ass.

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