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lob•ster hug

-noun 1. A variation of the bear hug: a) a stiff embrace performed by New Englanders whose inbred Puritanism makes physical affection awkward. b) a clingy, pincer like hug involving one or both legs that smacks of desperation.
-verb 2. To crush the things I love into a liquid the consistency of unicorn's blood so that I can absorb their essence.

Things that I lobster hug: books, movies, tv, food, knitting, Zelda, feminists, pro-choicers, progressives.


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I finally finished this damn hat! The pattern is kind of crap, but it was free, so whatever. I ended up combining a couple different techniques to get hat to look as close to the hat in the movie as possible.

This was my first project with cables and they were super easy. I can’t wait to tackle something harder.

Here is what I did:

Do long tail cast on of 68 stiches on size 7 (4.5mm) - 16 inch circular needles. Make sure you have a nice long tail, at least 15 inches. The stitches will be a bit tight on the needle, but it will be easier to work after the increase row. Join work and place marker.

K1P1 for 6 rounds for ribbing.

Next round: K4, *K2, Make 1* to end. You should have 100 stitches at this point.

Switch to size 8 (5.0 mm) circular needles for body of hat.

Round 1-3: *P1 (K1, P1) three times, K3* repeat to end of round
Round 4: *P1 (K1, P1) three times, slip 1 stitch to cable needle, hold to front, K2, K1 from cable needle* repeat to end of round
Repeat rounds 1-4 until hat measures 7 inches from increase row.

Switch to size 8 double pointed needles for decrease.

Round 1: Knit one around
Round 2: Knit 2 together around
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 twice. 

Cut off 10 inch tail and sew through the stitches, pull tight to close circle. Weave in end.

Fold ribbing up inside hat and using tail, sew into place. Weave in the rest of the tail. 

I used Malabrigo Worsted which is so soft and squooshy. It’s the best. You may need to block the hat in order to get a nice floppy shape. 

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