before you get into a relationship, be sure to ask yourself

could i retreat into the nearest forest and live off roots and berries instead

Forever pilot

This protagonist trope is played. So over all seeing/knowing men.

No woman leaves their open purse unattended in the seat next to her on the subway.

The lame explanation for his immortality is lame.

Of course he is into the skinny pretty blondes.

Yeah, this brunette hottie is totally hideous first thing in morning.

What is with all these people running around without iPhone covers.

Creeper looked through her phone?! Eeeeewwwww.

Also, her phone would be locked. All new iPhones default to Touch ID and I doubt a cop would leave her phone unsecured.

This show is really white at 15 minutes in.

Ugh great. Sad nerd sidekick/underling.

This is the nicest morgue ever portrayed on TV. Nicer than Crossing Jordan even.

Of course, she won’t stand in the way of his “greatness” but he will continue to obsess over her.

That gunshot wound looks like a third nipple.

Ok taking the poison to figure out the symptoms was pretty cool.

He’s kind of dumb for someone who has been alive forever. Like, maybe use your interior monologue instead of thinking out loud.

Skin would not hold a fingerprint like that. I learned that when I was on a jury last year.

Keep saying the name of the poison every other sentence or I might forget it.

Ah!!! He set her hand on fire!!!!

Yeah, geniuses, head up to the roof and don’t tell anyone you are going.

I’m confused by this bad guy’s motivation.

So what happens to his body? Does he just get a new during each reincarnation?

This ending is too cute. I think a threw up a little in my mouth.

Such bullshit! She was constantly hungry, to the point that she would wake me up in the middle of the night to be fed. She actually gained weight. Nope, not worth it.